What you’ll find here:

Well this is a self-promotional site… So you will find accordingly my current resume, some samples of my work (whenever I chose to update that), and ways to contact me.  I’m currently fully immersed on a couple of cool projects that I think can be transformative.

Areas of specialization:

I have a few areas that I specialize in, below is a quick snapshot.

Current areas of focus:

I’m very much interested in any projects/ventures tied to the intersection of physical and digital and how the two inform each other. These are both questions of data and insights, but also design and structure.

Cities are dynamic organisms - always changing and self healing. How cities develop and transform themselves, especially how all the interconnected systems in cities work with one another is particular theme that I passionately seek to explore.

Specifically, I'm interested in applications of IoT to cities and urban development. It's undeniable that IoT is closely linked to Big Data, and with the applications of IoT in B2B/B2E/B2G we are seeing vast amounts of data being created. I am particularly interested in the practical applications these data sets.

The creating of business and development of business is fascinating. There is a lot of talk about entrepreneurship these days, and it is in many ways being sold as the next "American Dream". I am particularly interested in the challenges that businesses that are starting are faced with.

Having lead a specialized analytics capability, I am interested in the use of analytics and data visualization for businesses. However, my focus is much more on the fundamental understanding of data, as the building block of business.

Increasingly, as I work with early stage companies, I see that the definition of work is constantly evolving, and our relationship to it is on the precipice of a significant transformation. It is not about work-life balance, but rather about life.